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About us

We are a company with Polish capital, possessing 8 years of experience. We specialize in services related to employee leasing, subcontracting, recruitment and business consulting. We support organizations, where flexibility is vital for the employment structure. We offer custom-made solutions, adapted to the changing requirements of the business environment. On behalf of the companies, we take care of various business processes associated with the broadly defined Human Resources.

We have been awarded with a certificate, for being a reliable company, by the Bureau of Economic Information Info Monitor “BIG Info Monitor”. In addition, we have participated in a Reliable Company program run under the patronage of the National Debt Register “KRD”.

We provide various benefits to our business partners, which include, reduced employment costs, improvement in organizational performance, enhancement in the company's competitiveness and facilitation of rapid response to changes.

Our solutions permit to reduce the personnel costs up to the level of 20-30%, thereby, resulting in long-term savings. The effectiveness of an entire organization gets enhanced. The obligations of payments and accounting, supervision and administrative measures are reduced too. Solutions pertaining to outsourcing, secures a certain position of the company on the market. Flexible solutions confer the possibility of increasing or reducing the employment within few days.

This is achieved due to a perfectly matched team of specialists with many years of experience.